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Personal Attack Alarms
Avon Alarms Ltd is an approved installer of the "Guardian Staff Safety System" which employs either single or dual technology as a means of signal transmission i.e. Infra-Red and/or Radio.

1) In application, where external coverage is required, Guardian are the only Company to be able to offer reliable, external Infra-Red cover up to a typical distance of 15 metres from a building.

2) Where further coverage is required, or in areas where Infra-Red is not practical, we are able to offer radio transmitters. The range of the Personal Radio Transmitters is typically >50 metres

3) All of the personal transmitters are programmable and have their own unique code. This provides the following unique features:
  • Identity of caller - by name, job title or transmitter number
  • A call follower, tracking system
  • Only one address at any time from each transmitter - other systems allow multiple addresses which can cause confusion
4) The transmitters can be programmed to provide the following:
  • Two levels of call i.e. assistance, attack
  • One level of call i.e. attack
  • One level of call and reset
    Note: when the reset button is used at the location of an incident to clear the alarm it can record the staff attendance if a data logger is linked to the systems.
5) The Personal Transmitter has 7 Infra-Red emitters, compared to the other manufacturers which use only 2 - i.e. over 3 times more powerful and effective.
Staff Safety System
6) Unobtrusive to install - only a 2 core non-screened 7/02 cable is required which supplies both data & power. With other systems an 8 core 'special' cable is required & a complete data loop has to be formed.

7) A full range of software and graphics packages are available to interface other security systems to the Staff Safety System or provide multi system installations.

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