Aspirated Smoke Detection

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Aspirated Smoke Detection (VESDA & HSSD)

Special Environmental Conditions require specialist smoke detection. Aspirated Smoke Detection Systems are able to cope with Damp, Ultra Clean and Ultra Dirty environmental conditions.

Commonly, most aspirated smoke detection is used in Clean Rooms associated with Computer Suites, Server Rooms and Data Storage Centers. Its tell-tale pipe visiting the sensitive area and its detector unit conveniently located to report the status of the system to the ‘House’ fire detection & alarm system for more efficient detection and reporting.

Aspirated Smoke Detection

In complete contrast, Aspirated Smoke Detection can cope with damp areas that are prone to condensation ie: Cold Stores and Undercrofts. Furthermore, its ability to discriminate between hostile smoke and airborne dust makes it perfectly suited to Waste Transfer and Waste Processing Centres.

Avon Fire Systems can assess your requirements by visiting your premises and establish suitable installation locations for your aspirated smoke detection system and ensure integration with your ‘House’ fire detection system. We additionally offer servicing of our systems to diagnose any faults in advance and ensure optimum safety, no matter the conditions of the premise.

For assistance with design, supply, installation, maintenance & commissioning of aspirated smoke detection systems or if there are any outstanding queries you may have, then give us a call on 01179 526000 or fill in our contact form and we will get back to you.


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