Personal Attack System

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Personal Attack System

Avon Alarms Ltd is an approved installer of the “Guardian Staff Safety System” which employs either single or dual technology as a means of signal transmission i.e. Infra-Red and/or Radio.

1) In application, where external coverage is required, Guardian are the only Company to be able to offer reliable, external Infra-Red cover up to a typical distance of 15 metres from a building.

2) Where further coverage is required, or in areas where Infra-Red is not practical, we are able to offer radio transmitters. The range of the Personal Radio Transmitters is typically >50 metres

3) All of the personal transmitters are programmable and have their own unique code. This provides the following unique features:

  • Identity of caller – by name, job title or transmitter number
  • A call follower, tracking system
  • Only one address at any time from each transmitter – other systems allow multiple addresses which can cause confusion

4) The transmitters can be programmed to provide the following:

  • Two levels of call i.e. assistance, attack
  • One level of call i.e. attack
  • One level of call and reset
  • Note: when the reset button is used at the location of an incident to clear the alarm it can record the staff attendance if a data logger is linked to the systems.

5) The Personal Transmitter has 7 Infra-Red emitters, compared to the other manufacturers which use only 2 – i.e. over 3 times more powerful and effective staff safety system

6) Unobtrusive to install – only a 2 core non-screened 7/02 cable is required which supplies both data & power. With other systems an 8 core ‘special’ cable is required & a complete data loop has to be formed.

7) A full range of software and graphics packages are available to interface other security systems to the Staff Safety System or provide multi system installations.

Interested in our ‘Personal Attack Systems’? Then get in to touch with one of our team for more information or any queries you may have by calling us on 0117 9526000. Alternatively, you can fill in our contact form and we will get back to you.


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