New Products

New Products

Welcome to Avon Fire Systems’ New Products Page

The Fire Industry is never still for long! New innovations are always being previewed to continue to protect the public at large. Manufacturers strive to produce safer, more effective ways of delivering safety & convenience.

Avon Fire Systems are a recognised distributor and installer of many cutting edge products some of which remain invisible to the public. Periodically we will present some of the latest products which relevant to modern life.

Featured New Product

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Lock-Down Relay

It’s a sad fact of life that the modern world presents us with ever increasing threats. A simple addition to your fire detection & alarm system can assist you to broadcast a ‘Lock Down Alert Signal’

Typical applications would include Schools, Colleges, Clinics & Reception Areas where a threat to the Pupils or Staff may present itself. Avon Fire Systems’ preferred product will allow the user to programme an alert signal via their fire alarm which remains distinct and discernible from a regular fire signal. This same product can also be employed in Public Buildings to issue a ‘Bomb Alert’ to the Staff without causing a full evacuation of the affected building.

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