Moisture Detection Systems

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Moisture Detection Systems

It must be said ‘The greatest threat to Electronic Data Storage is Moisture’.

The source of water and indeed the demise of many Data Centres & Service Rooms is wide and varied and can take many forms; General Condensation caused by atmospheric changes and cooling systems, leaking soil pipes & blocked drains, burst pipes, ingress of rainwater and melting ice. They are all familiar sources but the result remains the same.

Precaution against moisture

There is a simple precaution that can offer an early indication that the moisture in a given area has reached a critical level through a moisture detection system. This will monitor the area for water leaks and notify you through an alarm system should moisture be detected. They typically sit on the floor,  where cables etc could be most affected. The cost of a moisture detection system is dwarfed by the expense of replacing the Heat of a Company’s IT Infrastructure.

Avon Fire Systems can assess your location and requirements and supply you with the appropriate system for you, to minimise risk of moisture and protect your IT and electronic equipment.

For assistance with design, supply, installation, maintenance & commissioning of moisture detection systems or if you need further information surrounding moisture detection call us on 01179 521 999 to speak to an expert. Or you can fill in our contact form and we will get back to you.



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