Gas Detection Systems

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Gas Detection Systems

Avon Fire Systems offer a comprehensive range of Gas Detection Systems that provide essential protection to Life in many different applications. Harmful Gases fall into two main categories; Flammable Gas and Gas that can compromise Life by being toxic or being able to deplete Oxygen.

The simplest form being the Carbon Dioxide used in the Drinks Industry and found in the cellar of almost every Public House. Avon Fire Systems offer a neat compact system that monitors the level of harmful gas and alerts staff before they enter the affected area.

Inflammable & Toxic Gases can also be monitored on a larger scale with a gas detection and alarm system that would be typically fitted to Boiler & Plantrooms, Laboratories & Test Rigs and Basements & Undercrofts.

Gas Detection System Installation

Avon Fire Systems can assess your requirements, to design, supply and install a gas detection system to suit your needs. Whether you’re needing a system for your public house or your medical laboratory, we can install the appropriate system for you. We also offer maintenance on our Fire products to ensure they consistently retain their high standard.

For assistance with design, supply, installation, maintenance & commissioning of gas detection systems or if you would like any further information you can call us on 0117 9521 999. Alternatively you can fill in our contact form and we will get back to you.


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