Staff Safety Systems

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Staff Safety Systems

The Guardian Personal Activation Device (PAD) is worn by each member of staff. The system has two levels of call: “assistance” and “attack”. In the event of an attack the unit is tugged from retaining clip, sending out continuous “attack” signals to Receiver Units located throughout the area covered by the system. These units transmit to Attack Display Units which sound the alarm and identify the exact location of the incident and the personal involved in full alphanumeric text.


The Guardian PADs are discreet, easy to use and have two levels of call: “assistance” and “attack”. This enables the Guardian System to be used as an attack alarm and also by staff summon assistance at a touch of a button without having to leave the scene of the incident.


The Guardian System is easy to use by design with no buttons to press in an emergency and instant transmission of the unique signal. Key staff members can be assigned with radio pagers to alert them of incident locations and the level of assistance required. Resetting the system can also be carried out by key personnel with a Guardian PAD, in the area the call was initiated or by a key switch at Attack Display Units.

The Guardian System registers and cancels each signal individually and displays multiple calls in the order they are received, with an “attack” signal overriding all “assistance” calls until it has been dealt with.

Every workplace is different and the Guardian System is easily adapted to your environment. Options such as the silent mode to prevent alarms aggravating critical situations, or zoning in areas so that only local incidents are displayed, enable the Guardian System to work with you and in your best interests.

The Guardian System can be easily expanded to cover additional internal and external areas and can be upgraded in line with your requirements at any time. By installing Guardian System you can provide peace of mind for your staff enabling them to continue with their duties in a secure environment.




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