Electro-Mechanical Door Retainers

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Fireco, products, Dorgard, Brighton, 2017
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Here at Avon Fire Systems, we are a exclusive installer for Fireco and therefore have access to the latest range of Dorgard products.

These include:

  • Dorgard SmartSound
  • Dorgard Pro
  • Dorgard
  • Freedor
  • Deafgard

Electro-Mechanical Door Retainers

Fire Doors are an integral part of any fire strategy. Their presence will ensure the containment of fire, smoke & fumes but they are inherently large and obstructive. Furthermore; their safe operation is compromised as soon as they are ‘wedge’ open. This single action can contribute to the spread of fire and fumes throughout a building which can lead to critical consequences.

Electro-Mechanical Door Retainers are the recognised means of allowing fire doors to close when the fire detection & alarm system is activated. Door Détente Systems keep doors ‘open’ to allow free access by personnel and free flow of air for comfort ventilation without  compromising a Building’s Fire Strategy. These simple devices allow the doors to close to a ‘safe’ position and prevent the spread of smoke & flames. Avon Fire Systems are recognised installers of numerous products to assist with maintaining the integrity of the ‘Escape Routes’ of a building. Our selection of hard-wired and wire-free products possess the ability to cater for Retro-Fit applications as well as New Installations. Avon Fire Systems would be delighted to dispense advice or liaise with your Fire Risk Assessor to achieve a practical and compliant solutions to your needs.

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