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Avon Alarms Ltd. design, supply, install, maintain, and remotely monitor CCTV Surveillance Systems for all types of premises including retail, commercial, industrial, religious, agricultural, leisure and financial companies.

Avon Alarms Ltd. recognises that CCTV Surveillance has become a very important tool in the fight against crime. Surveys show that CCTV can work on a number of different levels:

  1. As a deterrent – it discourages criminals and anti-social behaviour.
  2. As a pro-active tool – it allows an operator (either on-site or at a remote monitoring centre) to identify and track undesirables, leading to them being removed before a crime can be committed.
  3. As an investigative tool – by being able to instantly review video pictures digitally recorded onto a hard drive, the sequence and times of an incident can be followed and, potentially, the identities of any individuals involved revealed.

Due to the advances in digital technology, CCTV colour cameras today can be made very small. This allows us to conceal them in everyday objects, to provide covert surveillance for a given risk or defined period of time.

We have designed, installed and maintained CCTV Systems for various establishments including:

  • Avon Alarms – CCTV Systems
  • City & County Councils
  • Government Departments
  • Defence Contractors
  • The Court Service
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Cathedrals & Churches
  • Shopping Centres
  • Multi-National Companies
  • Health Care Trusts

The best system for your needs

At Avon Alarms Ltd. we are not restricted to one manufacturer and have selected our range of equipment from various sources to ensure that we offer the best and most cost effective solution to any surveillance problem.

Our highly experienced surveyors will visit your premises and design a surveillance system to comply with your requirements as well as the requirements of the British Standard for CCTV Systems BS 8418:2003, BS EN 50132-7.

We are a “NSI Gold” (National Security Inspectorate) approved Company. Upon completion, our installations are issued with a numbered NSI “certificate of compliance”. This registers the installation with NSI and provides proof to your insurance company, and others, that an approved system has been installed.

The systems Avon Alarms Ltd. install can be remotely monitored by our Central Station through equipment that uses telephone lines, radio networks and the Internet to transmit video signals.

Our Service Department offer annual service agreements that include routine maintenance visits and a 24-hour call-out facility to all of our installations.


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